Ancient Olympia Ilia

Ancient Olympia Ilia

General Information About Ancient Olympia Ilia

One of the most important archaeological sites in the world, which attracts hundreds of visitors every year, is the Ancient Olympia.

In the western Peloponnese, in the so-called Valley of the gods and thrived the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece and the birthplace of most major sporting events.

Olympia visitors can tour the impressive ancient buildings, in which the ancient Greeks used as places of worship, Conference and sports.

The archaeological site of Olympia include the Sanctuary of Jupiter, with its temples and buildings associated with worship, and various buildings that were built around it, such as sporting facilities that were used for the preparation and celebration of the Olympics, auxiliary buildings, functional and administrative buildings, as well as secularism.

The Altis, the sacred Grove, occupies the central part and within this is the core of the sanctuary, with its temples, treasures and important buildings in the area. In a prominent position in the sacred space dominates the giant Temple of Jupiter and farther north the oldest temple of Hera.

East of the Grove Stadium, where the Olympics were held. In the South of the stadium and the Hippodrome, from whom today no trace survives because it has drifted from the Alfeios River. In the same area there are bath condos and villas, including the famous mansion built by Nero when he lived in Olympia, in order to participate in the games.

Visit the Museum of Olympia and see ancient artifacts with more important, the Hermes of Praxiteles, one of the most famous ancient statues, the Nike of paeonius, one of the masterpieces of ancient Greek plastic and the sculptural decoration of the Temple of Zeus, one of the finest ensembles preserved from ancient Greek art.

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