Arachova Viotia

Arachova Viotia

General Information About Arachova Viotia

One of the most famous winter destinations in our country, the cosmopolitan Arachova or Rachova, as it was known as the years of the revolution, is built on the southern ridges of Parnassos, at an altitude of 900-1000 meters.

Traditional stone houses, narrow streets, unsurpassed natural beauty, tradition, lively nightlife and local delicacies are just a few elements of the city, who love guests.

Secularists, winter sports enthusiasts and nature, but also those who simply want to live the “myth” of, give their appointment each year here, on the balcony of Parnassus.

Olives, olive oil and fine wine, which continues the tradition of the old brouskou wine, are the products of Arachwbitikis land. Famous are the dairy products such as feta Parnassus and mainly formaella. Also famous is the arachwbitika weavings, carpets with traditional arachwbitika projects.

Important step in the development of Arachova was the creation of the ski centres of Parnassos.

Today’s rapid growth despite the Kodaikanal, maintains its traditional character, morals and customs.

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