Dimitsana Arkadia

Dimitsana Arkadia

General Information About Dimitsana Arkadia

Amphitheatrically built on two opposite hills, above the river Lousios Gorge, the historic village of Dimitsana is whole a living museum of traditional architecture.

The settlement of welcoming travellers into a charming time travel with cobblestone streets, houses and mansions, churches and beautiful neighborhoods be disclosed in every corner.

Walk among the stone buildings, in cross lanes of the village and discover the beautiful bridges of dimitsana and nerortibes.

She is also a history museum with antique, Byzantine monasteries and sacred relics, the library of rare documents and codices, the mparoytomyloys and the archaeological and folklore collections.

Traditional taverns with local dishes and beautiful Brown with fireplaces are scattered in the village.

Pass and from the open-air water power Museum created to Dimitrana for traditional water powered plants that formerly were particularly prevalent in the region.

A beautiful excursion about an hour from dimitsana, to experience the forest of Menalon, is this: dimitsana-Stemnitsa-Menalo Forest-Elati-Vitina-Dimitsana-Karkalou.

The natural beauty of the place is not a coincidence that had inspired the myth of the sacred bath of Zeus on the river that it named Lucius (where Zeus used to bathe).

The view of the Valley flowing Lucius from dimitsana Hill, as the Megalopoli and in the depth of the volume, remains etched in the memory of experience.

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