Monemvasia Laconia

Monemvasia Laconia

General Information About Monemvasia Laconia

One of the most romantic destinations in our country, the charming Monemvasia charms visitors with its Byzantine castle.

Imposing ramparts protecting a settlement of incomparable beauty, old mansions, gaze proudly the deep blue of the sea, narrow cobbled streets lead to historic churches and a romantic atmosphere you will be flooded from the first moment you step into the famous Castle of monemvasia.

Known as the “Gibraltar of the East” monemvasia is a small island, which is connected to mainland by a narrow strip of land, a bridge that coexists with the sea element of the myrtoan sea.

Entering the rock from the unique entrance-“only one entrance” where the name of the town of Monemvasia-begins the journey into the past, from the 6th century inhabited until today.

The main alley of the Castle shows you the way to follow to discover each aspect of this vibrant and kalodiatirimenis Castle.

Medieval walls surround the great rock, in whose lap is built on protected from invaders, making it invisible from one side.

Entering the Castle, a small alley on your left will lead you to the home of the poet Yiannis Ritsos, outside of which there is a bust.

Walking on paved main road will not have enough time to turn right and left, discovering a a the various events such as weddings, shops selling art objects, to eye-catching jewelry, clothes, shoes and of course traditional products.

The road will lead you to the great plateau of the Church of Christ Elkomenoy, with the cannon from the outside. Dedicated to Christ drawn (Elkomenos) in torment, the imposing church is hosting some rare post-Byzantine icons and the main feature is the complete lack of murals.

Across the street you will see the historic grade II listed 16th century building, which houses the archaeological collection of Monemvasia.

Discover the 40 churches, lurking in every corner of the village and visit the Virgin of Chrysafitissa, in a gorgeous Grand opening, the Panagia Myrtidiotissa, Saint Nicholas, Saint Stefano and so still.

Taking the road to the upper city, the so-called “Sip”, will follow a 15-minute uphill journey. It’s worth stopping in many places where created plateau, to admire the view of the Castle from above.

The unique stone buildings with roofs of tiles, compose a city-painting. At the highest point of the rock dominates the Church of Hagia Sophia, the most impressive building in the upper town.

The temple was built in the 12th century and is one of the most important temples of the Byzantine period in the Peloponnese.

The town will have the opportunity to enjoy high quality tourism infrastructure, which will satisfy your every need.

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