General Information About Parnassus

Parnassos is one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece, Kefalonia fir trees covered with dense vegetation and rare natural beauty that captivates the visitor all the time.

The mountain has an altitude of 2,457 meters, the highest peak in the Liakoura, and is one of the highest mountains of Greece. In the North joins the gkiona while the South connects with the Dirfi.

According to mythology, took its name from the hero, who had built a mountain town. Zeus decided to destroy the corrupt human race with the flood of Deucalion and the city was destroyed. Then the inhabitants of the city following the cries of the wolves were driven higher in the mountains to escape the flood, where they built a new town, which they named Likoria Arahova, today, that means shouts of wolves.

In the Holy lands were built the most important Oracle in ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi. Until today, Delphi, the navel of the Earth, attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.

Parnassos operates from December to early may, at an altitude of 1600-2250 meters, in Cellars and Fterolakka, Parnassos Ski Center, the largest and best organized ski centre in our country.

The construction of the Center began in 1975 and was completed in 1976, when it began to operate the plants fterolakka. 1981 completed the construction of the plant and cellars, while in 1987-1988 came into operation the “Hermes”, the linking lift between fterolakka and kelaria. In 1993 added the first four-seat lift air-to-air modern technology in Greece, the modern «Iraklis», kelaria 1950.

The Centre features 19 tracks, 7 ski trails, 10 trails and three mini beginner ski slopes all around 36 km in total length. The length of downhill tracks are 50 m. until 4 km. for beginners, intermediates and good skiers.

For the adventurous, there are 12 black off-piste routes with really deep snow and much-a lot of adrenaline. The Center is distinguished by its high level of safety in plants, machinery and generally good.

The Parnassos Ski Centre. starring in the preferences of skiers, as it is located very close to Athens, Lamia and Patras and installations, allow the service of a large number of visitors and skiers.

All seasons worth discovering the trails and cycling routes of Parnassos, but also the monuments and beautiful villages.

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