Plaka Athens

Plaka Athens

General Information About Plaka Athens

Known as the “District of the gods”, the beautiful neighbourhood of Plaka is the oldest and arguably the most scenic of Athens. An attraction for millions of tourists from around the world each year, the Plaque gives its visitors a journey in time through the narrow streets.

The origin of the name of the area is not known, but the prevailing theory States that slate owes its name to a large stone tablet found in the area of Agios Georgios Church Alexandria, next to the ancient theatre of Dionysos.

Discover the charm of the beauty of neoclassical houses, architecture, landscaped gardens, the elegance and ambience of the area.

If you decide to take a walk in the area, be sure to have a map, because slate is a labyrinth and are likely to feel that you are lost in a maze of narrow streets and alleys.

Adrianou Street, main street district, as well as on other roads in the area you will find shops with traditional items, souvenirs, Greek folk art, but also cosy restaurants and cafés.

Climb as anafiotika, with the insularity at the foot of the Acropolis. The district was created in the mid-19th century. When builders of the agaiopelagitiko island of Anafi, who were famous for their art, came to Athens for the construction of the Palace of Otto.

There they built their homes so that they resemble their birthplace. So, small white houses, built in the same architectural style with that of their village. Anafiotika, the neighborhood, i.e., of Anafiwtwn, is a unique, charming area, you need to visit.

Visit the Company Strike central square, named after the Opera Company (Society of Friends of Mousson, of nine, that is, gods of Arts), which was founded in 1813 and enjoy your coffee or your food there.

Still see the monument of Lysicrates, Tripodon Street airs, but also the great churches of the region.

Worth to visit the children’s Museum on Rue Kydathinaion but also the neighbouring Museum of Greek children’s art.

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