Vytina Arkadia

Vytina Arkadia

General Information About Vytina Arkadia

Built at an altitude of 1,600 m. in a Valley at the foot of Mount Mainalo, Vitina is described as the ‘ jewel of mainalo “and indeed, the visitor will discover a village of peaceful and hospitable, welcoming him into his arms, offering tranquility and relaxation.

The old stone houses have a particular architectural physiognomy, dominated by the famous black marble of the region. A walk through the beautiful narrow and dentroskepasta streets will see the beauties that one encounters in the Greek countryside.

Revolutionary, among others, Vitina was the home to many valorous chieftains and captains, while playing an active role in the Greek revolution. Indeed, the settlement was burned down by the troops of Ibrahim seven times.

Many years later exogi carving and textiles and even today you will find many tourist shops on the streets around the main square with woodcarvings and local products, such as dairy, pasta, honey, herbs, nuts and legumes.

Reference point for your excursions will be lively square of Vitina in the stone church of St. Tryphon, which is made from stunning black marble.

Around her are concentrated the majority of cafés and traditional restaurants offering tasty local recipes.

Close to the central square is the library of Vitina, with remarkable historical record for the area, as well as the historic petrokisto building of the Greek school.

Vitina is ideal for endless walks. One of the most popular spots is the road of love, a romantic path between tall trees.

At the same time, a short distance from the village will find settlements of astonishing beauty, but also rivers, springs, historical monuments and monasteries, worth visiting.

Ascend the Hill of Saint Elias to enjoy the wonderful view and take a walk through the historical monasteries of Kernitsas and Agon Theodore.

Located in a strategic point, Vitina combines easy access to the popular ski resort of mainalo, but also in the villages Stemnitsa, dimitsana and Stemnitsa.

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